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August 20, 2014 10:04 pm
Whiskey on the rocks while listening to FKA Twigs, Sampha, James Blake, Little Dragon, &amp; Lianne La Haves butt naked in bed type of night.

Whiskey on the rocks while listening to FKA Twigs, Sampha, James Blake, Little Dragon, & Lianne La Haves butt naked in bed type of night.

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Also let’s remember that Nickelodeon’s current VA directing staff is garbage. I’m sure they treat Tom with respect because come on he’s Tom Fucking Kenny.

But let’s remember how Nickelodeon treated Gabriel Iglesias when they asked him to do Voiceover.

smdh, wtf man

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August 18, 2014 10:45 pm



Protesters upset about the smearing of Mike Brown converged at CNN headquarters.

people complain sooo much about social media and “twitter activism” completely ignoring that without social media the only way anyone would know whats going on is through media controlled by straight, white, capitalist men

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"A racist society will give you a racist science."

R. M. Young (1987). Racist society, racist science. In D. Gill & L. Levidow (Eds.) Anti-racist science teaching(pp. 16-42). London: Free Association Books. (via homoarigato)

remember when i posted about how science can be oppressive and i got hate mail and hundreds of notes of people calling me stupid

yeah that was fun 

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Remember that time when they made up a disease for black ppl when we didnt wanna be stuck as slaves?

Remember when they operated on black women with no anesthesia to get modern gynecological surgical procedures?

Remember when they sterilized poor woc without consent to keep us from ‘creating more undesirables’?

Remember when the government allowed Black men to go untreated with Syphilis even after a cure was discovered?

Remember when minority heavy areas in cities were sprayed with radioactive material to ‘test’ how America could handle a nuclear fallout?

Oh, you dont? Because I do…

Go look it up. Every single one was done by a white supremacist nation called America.


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Farrakhan does not fear man. Amen.


I think this make the 10th time ive reblogged this 


I was raised being told that Louis Farrakhan and men like him were dangerous and awful people; and seeing things like this has helped me to understand why my father and men like him think that.

This analogy also applies to white people and poc. They have had centuries to establish their wealth at the cost of black and brown lives. And their grandchildren benefit from it while poc have just started.

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August 16, 2014 11:09 pm





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10/10 THIS

I actually adore her because I’ve NEVER seen a black person get to be so fucking frank and honest about racial injustice on tv.

She’s real, she’s smart, she’s witty, she’s informed and she’s fucking unapologetic. I’m obsessed.



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I taste her and realize I have been starving.

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"Why do you want this job?"

Because under capitalism I am forced to sell my labor in order to subsist.

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Cute and can destroy.

Cute and can destroy.

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In love with my room lights 🌟✨🌟

In love with my room lights 🌟✨🌟

August 14, 2014 10:08 pm 9:58 pm